AAPP Profile Criteria

Established in order to raise the scientific and professional level of Arab pharmacists. This association was announced through the Ministry of Social Solidarity on 9-2016 under No. 10306. Legally constituted organization representing pharmacists based in Cairo, Egypt and collaborates with HCPs within the Arab world like Jordan, Libya, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Why AAPP is different?

Connect, develop and provide value added programs to healthcare providers like; ask the experts, pharma news and articles, and providing continuous training and development programs; capacity building program(s); soft and hard skills, educational and continuing educational evidence based programs, ..... to pharmaceutical firms as well as Egyptian hospital pharmacy administration CAPA.

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Our Key Message

We are sure that every colleague will agree upon the urgent need of a trend for pharmacy practice to move away from its original focus on medicine supply towards a more inclusive focus on patient care. By taking direct responsibility for individual patient’s medicine-related needs, pharmacists can make a unique contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and to their patients’ Qol.

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AAPP members include



Healthcare providers (HCPs)

Physical Therapists


Community Pharmacists

Psychiatric Pharmacists

Intensive care unit clinical pharmacists
Hospital Pharmacists
Academics as well as oncology pharmacists

Who can attend the different proposed trainings courses or workshops? ​

1. Physicians, nurses or Medicare and Pharmacists.

2. Clinical pharmacists/physicians, clinical research associates
3. Employee with career aspiration in marketing 
4. Health economists
5. Health insurance companies
6. Hospital pharmacists/hospital managers
7. International organizations
8. Key account managers, pharma companies
9. Lecturers, academia
10. Market access managers, market research companies
11. Marketers & medical directors, product specialist
12. Medical rep. Seeking a different move
13. Students who wants to work in research pharmacy 
14. Non-governmental organizations
15. Pricing managers/policy makers
16. Project managers & procurement
17. Medical science liaisons, pharma companies

AAPP has the pleasure, based on “MOUs & Protocols” with Institutions that have cooperated with providing Trainings

Our Partners

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