Connect, develop and provide value added programs to healthcare providers like; ask the experts, pharma news and articles, and providing continuous training and development programs; capacity building program(s); soft and hard skills, educational and continuing educational evidence-based programs, ..... to pharmaceutical firms as well as Egyptian hospital pharmacy administration CAPA (Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs)

AAPP had the pleasure of hosting and organizing for four successive years; The international accredited conference AIPC March 2017, March 2018, March 2019, March 2020; March2021. CPD (continued professional development) certified https://cpduk.co.uk

AAPP already cooperates with the national & international scientific entities, leading pharmaceutical corporations and medical partners to create and disseminate knowledge and best practices, as well as experienced passionate academics from well-known accredited universities.

Role of the Pharmacist in patients’
healthcare system

Impact of Pharmacoeconomics on
decision making in modern healthcare policy

Pharmacy Practice & Professionalism
(facing the challenges & bridging the gap)

Pharmacy Education from teaching
to competency-based learning

Recent updates in pharmaceutical

Strategies enhancing the role of
community pharmacists

Innovative approaches in pharmaceutical


Skills & Core Competencies of pharmacists
needed for success in an evolving health
care environment


Impact of technology in fostering
daily pharmacy practice


Impact of technology in fostering
daily pharmacy practice