Our Vision

Our Vision

AAPP to be the partner of choice for all stakeholders as the catalyst of healthcare transformation process by 2025 if not before.

Our Mission

To energize the Pharmacists’ role in medical community as an essential player in the healthcare transformation process allover the Arab world.

AAPP Goals

To enhance competencies and capabilities of Arab pharmacists
To reduce the gap between pharmacy education and practice
To foster the collaboration among different pharmaceutical sectors
To help in rebuilding a better pharmacy career

Key Message


  • We are sure that every colleague will agree upon the urgent need of a trend for pharmacy practice to move away from its original focus on medicine supply towards a more inclusive focus on patient care.           


  • By taking direct responsibility for individual patient’s medicine-related needs, pharmacists can make a unique contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and to their patients’ quality of life.      


  • AAPP will be dedicated to foster all kinds of activities that could add value to pharmacy community in the Arab world to achieve this goal.                        


  • Let’s start a new era of cooperation to retain the leading role of Pharmacists in the medical community for the benefit of Patients and Health Care